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Who we are

A non-profit-making, business-to-business, networking organisation, the MRG is a long-standing organisation that provides directors and senior managers across Gloucestershire with a unique platform for the confidential exchange of views and information between peers and colleagues across a wide range of professional and business interests.

Above all else, the MRG is dedicated to the development, promotion and expansion of Gloucestershire as a place in which to live, do business, acquire knowledge and raise a family.

Origins and purpose

The MRG concept was first established in 1926 by Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree, the social reformer and industrialist who was an early member of the British Institute of Management. By 1980, there were 23, mainly county-based, MRG groups located across England.

The national MRG network was discontinued in 1996, but MRG Gloucestershire resolved to carry on doing this important work and decided to relaunch itself as an ongoing and autonomous business forum.

Over twenty years later, MRG Gloucestershire continues to meet, in private under Chatham House Rules, six times a year at the Greenway Hotel in Shurdington and it provides a unique forum for the ongoing development and promotion of Gloucestershire as a world-class business destination.

MRG members come from all areas of business, spanning many professions and reaching across the county’s private, public, education and voluntary sectors, striving always to maintain the broadest network of professional, business and intellectual interests.

We are thus able to draw upon the involvement and support of the many world-class business organisations that operate within Gloucestershire, guided by our current Chairman, Professor Chris Gaskell, the former Vice-Chancellor of the Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester.