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Doing business in Gloucestershire: the challenges we face, right here, right now.

Our focus for 2018/19

…is to support the current Gloucestershire 2050 project by exploring the problems and challenges facing the county’s business community and, in doing so, helping to inform the debate and contribute to the success and development of Gloucestershire.

Our approach is not to be critical or negative, but to focus minds on the challenges facing our precious county.

The challenges facing our farming communities

1 October 2018

The future of our farmland and our farms

The challenges facing our rural communities

Henry Robinson
Former National Chairman of the Country Land and Business Association

The future of public transport and travel

5 November 2018

Getting to and around Gloucestershire

The future of public transport and travel

James Freeman
Managing Director, First Bristol & West of England

Education for the 21st century

3 December 2018

The education our young people really need

Education for the 21st century

Gary Watson
Headteacher, Tewkesbury School

What to do with our waste?

4 February 2019

Burn it… bury it…
or recycle it?

What to do with our waste?

Wayne Lewis
Head, Gloucestershire Joint Waste Team

Creating an economically-active aging community

4 March 2019

When we’re 64…
and still going strong!

Creating an economically-active ageing community

Kim Forey
Director of Integration, Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group

Renewing Gloucestershire’s commercial infrastructure

1 April 2019

Renewing Gloucestershire’s commercial infrastructure

New opportunities, new techniques but ongoing restraints

Simon Carey
MD, Barnwood Construction