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Doing business in Gloucestershire: the challenges we face, right here, right now.

Our focus for 2019/20

…is the acquisition of skills for business and personal growth.

Providing the construction industry with the skills that it needs

Monday 7 October 2019

Providing the construction industry with the skills that it needs

Catherine Bullough, Partnerships Manager, CITB, South & South West England

Catherine is Partnerships Manager for the Construction Industry Training Board, working in both operational and strategic capacities across south and south-west England. Liaising with multi-sector and multi-size construction companies, training organisations and key stakeholders to ensure that the construction industry is supplied with the skills that it needs and that community benefits are embedded through appropriate planning, funding and procurement methodologies.

Communication skills for the 21st Century... AI, ICT, and social media

Monday 4 November 2019

Communication skills for the 21st Century…
Artificial Intelligence, ICT, and social media

Nigel Jobson
Commercial Director, Maybe*

Nigel Jobson is Commercial Director of Maybe*, a Gloucester-based company that has developed software to analysis social media content, allowing organisations to understand their profile, customer perceptions, key topics of relevance to their customers, competitor profile, etc. which they might then feed into the development of strategy. Maybe* is part of the Government High Street Task Force Consortium, and is also working with other clients and the GFirst LEP.

Upskilling local people for local employment opportunities

Monday 2 December 2019

Upskilling local people for local employment opportunities

Jason Dunsford
Gloucestershire Gateway Trust

Jason Dunsford is the Head of Employment & Skills at the Gloucestershire Gateway Trust, a partnership between local communities and a motorway service station.

The Trust aims to put an estimated £10 million into sustainable community projects, including training and retraining opportunities, through local charity partners with funds generated through a unique partnership with the Westmorland Family, and shared ownership in the award-winning M5 Gloucester Services.

The skills our county needs... the Gloucestershire Local Industrial Strategy

Monday 3 February 2020

The skills our county needs… The Gloucestershire Local Industrial Strategy

David Owen
Chief Executive, GFirst LEP

David Owen is Chief Executive of the Gloucestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), charged with the development of the Local Industrial Strategy (LIS). Pivotal to any strategy is the availability of skills within the county for both leadership and implementation.

The making of an Officer

Monday 2 March 2020

The making of an Officer

Air Marshal Andrew Turner

Air Marshal Andrew Turner is responsible, as Deputy Commander Capability, for the strategic planning and delivery of all aspects of Royal Air Force capability, including people, equipment, infrastructure and training.

He sits on the Air Force Board as the Air Member for Personnel and Capability. Leadership is important, and there must be benefit in sharing experiences from all walks of life.

Post-18 skill development and the role of tertiary education

Monday 6 April 2020

Post-18 skill development and the role of tertiary education

Professor Kamal Bechkoum
University of Gloucestershire

Professor Kamal Bechkoum is Head of the School of Business and Technology at the University of Gloucestershire. Over 50% of 18 year olds receive some form of tertiary education to assist them in making a success of their work and personal lives. There is a continual debate about the content and objectives of such education and the success of the United Kingdom compared to the rest of the world.